• In SUANFARMA we are completely committed with the sustainability and the ethical commitment to society, so we focus on the development and manufacture of products that ensure health, always under the premise of environmental protection.
  • Promoting actions to reduce the environmental impacts that we can generate is an activity that SUANFARMA promotes as an organization in all its work centers.
  • We are committed to a rational use of resources optimizing their potential and making efficient use of them. The participation of workers in environmental and resource management is encouraged through training and communication in these practices.
  • We believe in sustainable development that guarantees the balance between economic growth, environmental care and social welfare.

Annual Sustainability Report

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Informant Channel

Welcome to our whistleblower channel, where you can safely report wrongdoing or suspected misconduct in our organization. Our objective is to prevent and detect fraud, corruption, financial crimes, environmental crimes and violations of the law. You can report past and present conduct. When submitting a case, be sure to provide details such as the type of breach, location, date, and relevant documentation. We protect your privacy and you can make external complaints if you wish. Your anonymity is maintained, and you are not required to provide personal information. Please review our privacy policy before submitting your case.

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